About Us

About Us

At EveryDistrict, we believe that Democrats can run competitive campaigns in every district at every level. We aim to reverse the losses of recent years by helping more Democrats in more places run for office.

Right now, Democrats are a powerless majority. In what was supposed to be a year of major pickups for Democrats, 2016 saw Democrats lose the White House and remain in the minority in both the House and Senate. The 2016 election only added to the losses of recent years; since 2009, Democrats have lost 10% of their Senate seats, 20% of their House seats, 35% of their governors, and 20% of their state legislative houses. While Republicans control the governor’s seat and both houses of the state legislature in 25 states, Democrats do so in only 6. We’re focused on legislative districts at the state level and helping candidates get the resources they need to run competitive campaigns.

Why are we focused on state legislative districts? Because the policy choices made by state legislators have a huge impact. Whether you care about

  • protecting the environment,
  • growing the economy,
  • preventing discriminatory legislation against the LGTBQ community,
  • ensuring a woman’s right to choose,
  • narrowing the gender pay gap,
  • making higher education affordable,
  • expanding access to healthcare, or all of the above, the legislation that state legislators do – or don’t – enact affects us every single day.

In 2017, states have been fighting back against Donald Trump’s dangerous and divisive agenda. States have banded together to challenge the Trump Administration’s backtracking on climate policy, and state attorneys general have been leading the fight against the Trump Administration travel bans. Others have taken progressive policy into their own hands, like New York’s recently announced college scholarship programState legislatures give us an opportunity to both combat Trump locally and push a progressive agenda. 

Democrats face a daunting, but not insurmountable, challenge in building power back. Money isn’t everything, but at the local level it can mean the difference between a campaign that can reach its audience and one that can’t. In recent years, Republicans have poured money into local elections, and it’s paid off. We’re focused on closing the money gap, and you can help by making a donation to EveryDistrict.

We’re also focused on helping candidates run competitive campaigns by harnessing the power of grassroots organizing. We aim to connect our EveryDistrict-endorsed candidates with a network of volunteers who can help reach voters through phone calls and door knocking.

As recent races in Kansas and Georgia have shown, Democrats can run competitive campaigns in districts that haven’t been traditional strongholds. We’re focused on expanding the map and helping Democrats at the local level run campaigns in these types of districts. We’re testing new messaging, fundraising, and GOTV approaches to broaden the base and win more races.

We’re a volunteer group of progressive activists, data geeks, door-knocking lovers, and normal people like you, looking to help rebuild the Democratic Party from the ground up. Looking to get involved? Sign up for our mailing list to learn how you can help, or contact us at info@everydistrict.us for more information.